At Broad Fencing our experience ensures that all our fencing is built to last from good quality materials from trusted local suppliers.  We can advise on bespoke garden projects as well as standard fencing installations, repair work and the best types of materials to use.

The types of fencing we offer:


Closeboard (featheredge)

Lap panels

Decorative panels

Picket & Palisade

Hazel & Willow hurdles

Concrete or wooden posts and gravel boards


Sawn post & rail

Half round post & rail

Stock fencing

Rabbit & Deer fencing

Post, wire and barbed wires

Chestnut paling




Steel palisade




Metal park railings

Decorative fence panels

Half round post and rail

Decorative panels with concrete posts & gravel boards

Closeboard fence in pressure creosoted timber

Most fences are erected to mark a boundary.  In its simplest form this could consist of a number of stakes knocked into the ground with two or more strands of wire strung along and stapled to them. 

Therefore, you need to ask yourself ‘what is the purpose of this fence, what do I require it to do?’ 

If it is for a garden, then do I require privacy, do I want to grow plants up it, does it need to keep a dog or children in, or intruders out?  Most fences will require a combination of some or all of these things. 

If it is agricultural then what animals am I keeping in and or what animals am I keeping out?  Any of these factors can be incorporated into all of our constructions and hence the bespoke service that we provide. 

We will also look at the fencing that you already have and if required we can make repairs if that is an economically efficient way of prolonging the life of the fence.

At the end of the day, you need to be happy with the job, as it could be there for the next 25 years.

Stock fencing & gate

Closeboard fencing

Hazel hurdles

Scolloped picket fence

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