1. Broad Fencing will carry out the work as per our written quotation. Any alterations must be agreed in advance and a new quotation will be issued.


  1. We are not responsible for locating official boundaries. If in doubt, contact a surveyor.


  1. We assume you have consulted with any adjoining neighbours and checked with the local council as to whether you need approval for the work carried out by Broad Fencing.


  1. Broad Fencing will ‘make good’ all surfaces where fencing and gates have been installed and clear away any debris arising from the work, if stated in the quotation.


  1. Any unexpected obstruction found under the ground that cannot readily be overcome, will incur an additional charge that will be agreed on site with the client.


  1. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Broad Fencing before work begins, of any underground services in the vicinity of the work being carried out. Any damage to undisclosed services is not the responsibility of Broad Fencing.


  1. Broad Fencing will be not held responsible for storm or strong wind damage. It is considered strong wind when gusts are over 80 kph.


  1. Broad Fencing guarantees its workmanship for a period of 2 years. However, this is void if malicious/intentional misuse or vandalism has occurred.


  1. Due to the nature of the chemicals used to preserve the timber, we cannot guarantee any pressure-treated timber used below ground level.


  1. Pressure-treated timber can be prone to movement and or splitting after installation of fencing and gates. Therefore, Broad Fencing will not replace distorted products.
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